Are you wondering how the human brain processes images? 70% of the informations that we get in touch with are visual. Images are the first ones that impact the life and the decisions of humans.
With the help of our 2 agents, we transform data in insights and we analyze the objective perspective of your customers. iqinsider is a key element that will definitely help your organization to be more competitive in this changing competitive business environment.

Agent I

agent i

Eye Tracking technology measures the motion of the eyes: where they are looking, what is the average time that users keep looking at a particular area of interest, how they navigate through the length of a page, what are the particular areas of interest.
With agent i, you can get the insights of your users subconscious by receiving a complete analysis report, that will help you to increase your audience impact.

Agent I
Agent Q

agent q

agent q represents the premium package with which you will obtain the most precise results. This product tests the users experience when they get in touch with your brand. Besides Eye-Tracking, agent q offers biofeedback data obtained with the help of other equipments such as EEG (Electroencephalography) and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response).
The data obtained with the help of this neuromarketing equipments are processed, correlated, analyzed and then transformed in insights.