About Us

As a Rating Agency for the Quaternary and Quinary Sectors, THE Q AGENCY is composed of a dynamic and competitive team. Our team uses advanced technologies and tools to uncover patterns in human behavior and to delve into the decision-making process. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and accurate ratings in The Q Sectors.


A New Shift is about to disrupt businesses - a shift that is triggered by the decisive nature of controlling the R&D domain. This revolution is based on the unprecedented development of science and technology. It’s the revolution that brings perpetual upgrade to the architecture of the thinking mind. What does that mean? Your today’s business actions are crucial for catching the market’s next Big Wave.


How we do?

How do we
do it?

Using cutting-edge technology and applying breakthrough methods, we put at disposal the strategies that break the market’s code. Businesses who are influencing the pace of the game, invest in intelligence by expanding their knowledge of the human thinking patterns. Our development in the cognitive domain gave us permanent access to unspoken market secrets.

What do
we do?

THE Q AGENCY is a Rating Agency and Management Consulting Firm with its essential focus on designing the methods and strategic systems for companies to be capable of predicting and commanding The Game. The businesses with a cognitive way of thinking are the only ones that have the unknown potential of thriving even in the most severe markets. We offer the most accurate schematics to building such a cash-making machine.

What we do?