Our R&D Unit and NPD Unit

Research • Development • Products

With the help of research and development in the field of cognitive business, we have developed a range of products covering a wide range of areas such as marketing, advertising, learning, intelligence and decision making.

Our research consists of a continuous and active process which involves the exploration, the collection, the interpretation and the analysis of data obtained about facts, events and human behaviors. By using this advanced technologies we collect unique and objective data from consumers, all of which are subsequently processed and interpreted with advanced tools. This set of knowledge is absolute KEY for the fundamental understanding of why some businesses destroy the market and some just get swallowed in a desolate void.

By using leading edge technology, our companies analyse the needs, demands and desires of their customers and offer them high end products and services, so their profit can shoot through the graphs and monopolize the market. An efficient research means nothing without the right team of best talents to put the knowledge to the best possible use. The specialists that back up THE Q AGENCY master their own domain through decades of sweat and hard work in R&D.

With the help of research and development, we have created the below innovative network of disruptive businesses: