The Quaternary Sector of Economy

Knowledge and Technological Innovations Sector

It is an economic sector that mainly includes intellectual activities and knowledge-based activities aimed at the future growth and development of the economy and business. It is also sometimes called the knowledge economy sector.

Sectorial Activities

Post-industrial economic development has created a growing need for people with skills and knowledge in areas such as scientific research, innovation and development, analysis and planning, as well as education. Workers in the quaternary sector of the economy are known as workers with "silver collars".


Trends in the quaternary economic sector

Trends in the Quaternary Economic Sector

The intellectual activities within the sector are elements for determining the technological progress that can have a huge impact on the economic growth. The workforce of the sector is made up of highly qualified individuals, with skills and abilities in information services or knowledge-based fields. Because they are not related to resources, affected by the environment or necessarily located in the market, the greatest benefit of quaternary services is that they can also be outsourced to companies or organizations that do not have research-development-innovation resources.

Services for the Quaternary Sector

Innovation Consultancy Services

Innovation Consultancy Services

It is well known that companies who invest in expert advice and guidance will massively cut-back marketing costs and learning curve. This gains extra time for critical operations within the company, creating huge potential for tricky and dynamic branches in the market. This approach in business is called Design Thinking - its main characteristic is to make room for bold and risk-free maneuvers to take the competition by surprise.

Implementation Services

Implement. Adapt. Overcome. The only way to make the most of the knowledge possessed by the company is to have it handled in the most accurate way. The team we have acquired improved and upgraded prototype blueprints based on ready-to-apply research. Being able to examine hidden data in the market, the probability of replacing and adding the right cogs to the cash making machine reaches 96%. That is the definition of successful business mechanism.

Intellectual property
Outsource R&D Services

Outsource R&D Services

Having the perfectly carved business processes means nothing without the right thorough research that backs it up. The way to think about R&D is seeing it as the most fundamental baseline - it starts building the main poles of resistance that ensure the company’s dominance over its competition. A massive learning curve of getting lost in an endless loop of trial and error can be avoided by having this ready-to-apply knowledge.

Intellectual Property Services

Innovative digital knowledge is the future’s next big asset - The Digital Asset. The brilliance behind forward-thinking companies lies in deciding to use an external well trained team to extract the most potent and tactical data. Should it be in the right hands, this knowledge will be The X Factor that assembles powerful innovation management.