In everyday life we certainly have many challenges. People's ability to remain focused on a specific goal is what assures their failure or their success. The attention is a precious resource, especially in our society where increasingly more we are bombarded with information from all directions and it is increasingly difficult to keep our focus. toniQbrain hardware is used to measure the frequency of the brainwaves. Then it transforms the information into wireless and sends it to a computer device where a software analyzes it.

toniQbrain uses an accurate software that analyzes your brainwaves and shows you when you are focusing and when you are not by changing the sounds from the computer and several displays on the screen. You focus tightly on a moving line on the computer screen, which responds by moving higher. The pitch of the flute sound shifts higher as you focus on any sight, sound, image, or part of the body. This process has bio feedback as a basis. Biofeedback is a method that uses the mind to control a function of the body which is usually automatically adjusted.