We push the knowledge further and further ahead

Perhaps you heard very frequently, day in day out, over every media platform for the past couple of years – “The New Era has arrived”. And a few changes happened, especially in the last year – the term of AI started to become more and more used – which broadened the research spectrum of neuro-technology applied sciences. In a very fast way. This is the year that finally marks the biggest tech leaps that happened and are about to happen in the last decade.


Why is this big news?





To define our purpose in this Era, our team worked really hard, with a passion for progress, to push the world further and further ahead. We proudly announce our achievement in winning the ‘Human-Computer Interface‘ Award at PatriotFest 2017 with our Research Project named CONCEPT ONE – Computer aided system for opto-neural performance evaluation and optimization.


This statement’s purpose is to prove how a team of expert minds, with a common focus for adaptability, managed to explore unknown grounds to bring game-changing insights.  


Why should you care? Because whoever can gather critical data about their own sphere of operation, can turn that into knowledge. And that knowledge alone, is the key to forming your owns rules by you which you play the game – and permanently, dictate the pace.